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Web Tracking Webinar

Using Agillic Web Tracking for Automated Communication

Are you getting the most out of your communication with your customers and leads? Their online behaviour on your website can tell you a lot about them… do you know how to utilise the data?

The Case for Doing Something Different

Everybody wants to create great customer experiences. But, there’s real value in thinking about how to approach them differently. Of course, experiences should be great. But, they should also make you stand out from your competitors – they should be differentiated.
In this webinar, Søren Ravn from Responsive will take you through how to think differently about CX. By activating key ingredients such as your brand and your data, you can create experiences your customers will remember.

Responsive Webinar
Known Knowns

How to Increase the Effect of your Media Spending

The value of personalisation has already proven itself in email marketing. We know that it boosts both conversion rates and business value. But, what about hyper-personalisation? Now, you can use hyper-personalisation in your paid media campaigns to optimise your media spend. Watch the webinar, hosted by Mike Weston, and learn how.

Why and how Marketing should make the Martech choices

Watch our webinar led by Colin Shearer to ensure you identify, evaluate, select, and acquire the platforms and tools that are the best fit to support your work. That way, you can effectively collaborate with IT in the process, without letting it dictate your work.

How Marketing should help make Martech Choices
Small Data, Big Insights

Small Data, Big Insights

There’s a lot of focus on big data. But, sometimes it makes sense to look at the small data at hand and explore how to drive value from that. In this webinar, Mike Weston presents how to iteratively work with the data available, from, for example, purchase patterns, web browsing or location data, and gradually grow big insights.

From Email Marketing to Marketing Automation

In this webinar, Rasmus Houlind goes over important considerations to take before transitioning towards automating marketing activities:

  • How much data do you need to be successful?
  • What should you consider when choosing a system?
  • How should you organise internally?
  • Which arguments do you need to convince management?
  • Get a clear picture of the benefits of marketing automation compared to email marketing, and hear Rasmus go over the benefits of an omnichannel approach.
From Email Marketing to Marketing Automation
The Value of The Omnichannel Customer

Value of the Omnichannel Customer

In this webinar, Rasmus Houlind discusses omnichannel tactics with examples from SPORTMASTER. This Danish retailer has successfully bridged the gap between online and physical shops to provide a more holistic and customer-centric shopping experience. As a result, customer value has increased significantly.

Scaling Personalised Communication Webinar

During this one-hour webinar, Agillic CSO, Rasmus Houlind, goes through the newest trends and opportunities of AI-driven marketing automation, including how to:

  • Explore the possibilities of marketing automation and how to use it to create great customer experiences over time
  • Deep dive into data and increase relevance with AI
  • Combine paid media efforts with personalised content at the right time
The Value of The Omnichannel Customer

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