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If you are curious about the future of AI-powered marketing technology strategies the Agillic webinar series is for you.

Thought leaders Rasmus Houlind, Colin Shearer and others will share their knowledge and visions with you and inspire you to take advantage of state-of-the-art marketing technologies that will enable you to create and scale compelling and personalised communication.

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Upcoming webinars

16 January – Small data, big insights: use available data to get started – Mike Weston
20 February – 5 steps to AI in Marketing – Colin Shearer

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Marketer & Machine in the Age of AI

The AI-enabled marketing organisation is a good place to be; it’s not a case of ‘marketer versus machine’, but rather, ‘marketer and machine collaboration’. At this webinar, Agillic’s Chief Business Development Officer Colin Shearer described how AI can support and amplify the marketers and enable them to focus their creativity, informed by insights from AI while leaving the underlying data analysis and scalable precision targeting to the machines.

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From Email Marketing to Marketing Automation

In this webinar, Rasmus Houlind went over some important considerations to take before transitioning towards automating marketing activities:

  • How much data do you need to be successful?
  • What should you consider when choosing a system?
  • How should you organise internally?
  • Which arguments do you need to convince management?
  • You will get a clear picture of the benefits of marketing automation compared to email marketing, and finally, Rasmus will touch upon the benefits of an omnichannel approach.
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Value of the Omnichannel Customer

At the webinar “The Value of the Omnichannel Customer”, Rasmus Houlind discussed omnichannel tactics provided examples from Danish retailer SPORTMASTER, who has successfully bridged the gaps between online and physical shops to provide a more holistic and customer-centric shopping experience leading to a significant increase of the customer value.

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Scaling Personalised Communication Webinar

During the one-hour webinar, Agillic CSO, Rasmus Houlind, went through the newest trends and opportunities of AI-driven marketing automation, including how to:

      • Explore the possibilities of marketing automation and how to use it to create great customer experiences over time
      • Deep dive into data and increase relevance with AI
      • Combine paid media efforts with personalised content at the right time
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