Short time to market

Without any costly hardware requirements, the Agillic Marketing Platform will have your personalised omnichannel marketing up and running in no time. With an intuitive UI, designing and executing flows and campaigns is quick and easy for marketers and your efforts will quickly be measurable

Increase customer value

By reducing churn, increasing repeat purchase and increasing average order value, you will be able to increase your customer value by 30% or more.

Easy Onboarding

As soon as you sign up, we will begin by taking good care of your onboarding process. Whether your team chooses to start working with Agillic yourselves, through our partners, or via an agency, we will make sure to adapt the onboarding to your needs. Learn more about our onboarding phases and Customer Engagement team by visiting the Services page

Low operating costs

Some of our customers have tried to make personalised omnichannel marketing work before, but have had some unpleasant surprises by expensive software suites and never-ending implementation and integration projects. Now, working with Agillic, they will only have to focus on creating consistent communication for the customer lifecycle.

Transparent pricing model

It’s always nice to know your expenses upfront. With Agillic you will find a fully transparent pricing model with no unpleasant surprises. We base our pricing on two factors – number of channels and number of recipients. It’s that simple. Reach out to us to learn more.

Start off small

At the moment, you might only be communicating with customers through one or two channels. However, whatever your ambition and preferred channels, Agillic is born omnichannel. That means that the platform allows your business to grow organically and gradually adopt more communication channels along the way without having to buy add-ons, install widgets or buy extra storage.

Your IT department will be happy

If you’re worried about overburdening your CIO with integration tasks or setting up expensive hardware, then you’ll be happy using Agillic. Integrations are an everyday task for us and we have yet to meet the system we can’t integrate to. We are ahead of the EU data protection act and will make sure your omnichannel marketing is compliant with current EU legislation.