This post was also featured on the Danish newspaper Berlingske Business’ Opinions section online on April 9th 2017. Follow this link to view.

Despite constantly learning that the main competitive advantage in the future is to “follow the progress”, Danish businesses remain idle relying on an outdated infrastructure and unhealthy procurement culture, not daring to follow the digital revolution going on. It will come back to haunt them, as foreign giants will conquer markets still not imagined.

Recently, several media reported that Chinese retailer Alibaba plans to enter the European market, and even though the internet giant mainly do their business in Asia, the value of transactions through Alibaba exceeds the amount of Amazon and eBay – combined! It’s news like this that hopefully will make Danish trade reconsider if current procurement processes are something worth wasting time on.

At Agillic we often experience how mayor businesses within Telco and Finance undergo lengthy procurement processes thus taking them years to implement and launch new initiatives. They spend way too much time working out course of action, slowing the development process while using providers as advisors before having the clarity to explore the actual needs of the business.

And I ask myself: When will Danish commerce realize that it isn’t the implementation but the fully functional product that will add value to the business? It is neither the time to, nor is it the reason to sit back and enjoy. The game is to get out there, get going, learn and adapt!

Quite frankly, it makes me disappointed to see how Danish commerce is digging its own grave, thinking inside the same old box as always: A few added technologies instead of total business solutions, products ahead of services and completely neglecting the customers’ sense of the brand as a whole.

Customers deserve and demand a relevant and personal experience, and that is what international giants have understood. At the same time, they have been able to adapt and follow the digital revolution where Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and IoT ensures a stable foundation to scale and secure software services. A new age within infrastructure and culture, enabling them to enter any industry within a very short while.

So, dear Danish businesses: Let’s end sick bidding rounds and wasted time on old fashioned decision processes! Businesses that have the courage to think agile and make quick decisions wins the race, while those that are stuck in olden slow procurement processes with ancient rules will be surpassed.