The history of Agillic

Agillic is founded in 1999, and until 2001 it is an agency with an associated consultancy business. Later, the company shifts focus and develop the software that becomes the foundation of the Agillic we know today.

In 2005, two equity funds invest in Agillic. The UK based Amadeus, and Danish Sunstone both invest several million DKK in the product at this point. The product is visionary, and from the very beginning, a clear omnichannel perspective is built into the platform.

At this point, Agillic has its main focus on technology and product development, and the company is developing a sophisticated piece of software. However, it proves to be ahead of its time and does not meet the simpler needs of the market. Therefore, the product does not prove to have the commercial success expected, and the investment funds withdraw.

In 2014, the company is taken over by the current owners. The new owners develop a new and market-oriented strategy, while further developing and adapting the product to target market needs. Investments are also made to put together a new management team to guide the company into the future. By now, investments well over 100 million DKK has been put into the development of the product.

Since the new owners took over Agillic, the company has experienced both strong growth and a dominant market position in the Nordics. This growth is now being accelerated further in both the Nordic countries and internationally through the proceeds from the upcoming listing.

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