So how does Agillic technically work? Well, read on and we will tell you about some of the details that makes the unique setup. Of course, this doesn’t cover everything, so please reach out to us if you have any questions about the technical aspects.

Integration and API

Agillic is ready to be integrated with a wide array of systems, data sources and software. The first feed of data to Agillic can be done by connecting multiple data sources via our well-defined API or manually through a simple Excel upload. No matter if it’s profile, transactional or permission data from an external database or a Data Warehouse, Agillic can connect automatically to transfer it all. You can add our web-tracker to your site and connect predictive data: pages visited, time on the site, items in baskets and other common web analytics directly in, to segment your customers and filter your messages. Apply predictive analytics software to work with propensity scores and churn scores. To further strengthen your omnichannel marketing, let Agillic pull the content from your product information management system making it even easier to build rich, personalised content

Using our well-defined list of APIs to update customer profiles in real time is a basic yet fundamental feature. Some data is updated weekly, some daily and some instantly. The Agillic Customer Marketing Platform offers out-of-the-box interfaces for any connection you prefer. Once up and running, Agillic will keep your data up-to-date across the different channels and synchronise with your website, social media, call centre application and other transactions from any of your shops.

Data Security

The Agillic Cloud is the hosting platform designed and used by us to deliver the Agillic application as a service. Each customer’s Agillic Cloud application is physically located in a dedicated, locked cage at our data centre partners. Ensuring the highest levels of security, Agillic owns the servers and are responsible for provisioning, monitoring, and managing the servers, as well as providing support to Agillic subscribers. The Agillic Cloud platform was designed and optimised by us specifically to run the Agillic software and has multiple levels of redundancy built in. The applications are hosted in our private cloud, which is built on a high availability VMware cluster, backed by enterprise EMC storage. In case of hardware failure, our virtualised servers are automatically transferred to new hardware with no downtime.
Access to the data centres where the application is running and the data is persisting is limited to authorised personnel only, as verified by identity verification measures. Physical security measures include: on-premises security guards, closed circuit video monitoring and additional intrusion protection measures. Within the data centre, all Agillic equipment is stored in locked cages. Our data centres are located in geographically diverse locations in Denmark


With the ability to target your customers with personalised messages, our software has the required power to handle the many variations of content within e.g. emails. With the configuration of many inter-changeable blocks, send-outs may sometimes result in variations within the hundreds. When using Agillic, you will constantly generate more data as you go along however, the database is scalable and will continue to be able to perform in real time


Agillic is a SaaS – a stable service delivered using scalable cloud technology. Our main server operation is in Copenhagen in Tier3- and Tier4 data centres.
We have two basic offerings: the standard cloud and the private cloud. Using our standard cloud, you know that we know where your data is. This is our way of ensuring full control and security for our clients and your data. This also enables us to guarantee that your data is in EU or USA – wherever you may require it to be.
If your IT-security requires so, we also offer a dedicated private cloud. Say your company policy states that your data must reside in Finland and no hardware can be shared. No problem, we can deliver your SaaS out to any country you desire in your dedicated server set-up –call it your private-Agillic-cloud! It is still SaaS and still 100% managed by Agillic, so there will be no extra administration costs.


Agillic is a SAAS solution and is accessed through a browser. Each brand has access to one instance and two environments: A staging environment where the configurator primarily works with setting up campaigns, creating content and testing. The campaign is then exported to the production environment where user data is stored for reports.

When a campaign has been fully tested – or just a simple change has been made to a campaign – the configurator activates the changes by a one-click publish to the production environment.

Coming from a “one-size-fits-all/single-channel” model, this setup might seem cumbersome, however the separation of test data and live user data makes it possible configuring and testing complex campaign scenarios across multiple channels without interfering or risking the stability of the live campaigns.


Agillic is pre-packaged with the delivery of emails, text messages and app push notifications (depending on mobile application infrastructure). Using our own email servers and partnering with several of Europe’s biggest SMS gateway providers means that the maintenance of servers is fully managed. We also constantly monitor deliverability to make sure that your campaign efforts are being successfully received by your intended recipients.