Sune Børsen

Reading is a nice way to spend time, because it’s my time and I can use it to relax

Meet Sune: As a busy, hard-working dad, Sune uses his reading time to take a moment for himself. Through thrilling crimes and the life stories of extraordinary people Sune is able to take a well-deserved break. If you’re looking for a summer read that helps you get away from it all, consider picking up one of Sune’s summer reading recommendations.

Position at Agillic:

Head of Solution Excellence

Area of Expertise:

Omnichannel / Marketing Automation

Favourite  Genre:

Biographies / Autobiographies

How will you be spending your Summer 2018?

I’ve got a couple of weeks of vacation and I’ll be spending that with my kids and family in Nice and Bornholm. We’ve rented an apartment close to the beach in Nice and we rented there last year as well, so it’s kind of become a tradition. Also, we’re looking forward to spending more than the typical half day in Bornholm. We’re planning to check out their great beaches and ice cream. But no herring please.

What sort of topics do you like to read about?

It’s definitely a mix of biographies and business books or thrillers and crimes, depending on the mood. I like reading about people who are doing something extraordinary. I like to understand how they think and break down what I like and don’t like about what they did and how they did it. For me, it’s interesting to see how they built their businesses, they’ve got guts. I probably won’t ever be the guy to do that, but I can still learn.

You’re an expert in omnichannel marketing automation, what will you be reading this summer in order to stay informed?

Not much actually. At least, not for marketing automation. I have one on my list that I want to read. It’s Artificial Intelligence Marketing and Predicting Customer Choice. It’s probably quite heavy, but I’ve been working a lot with the Agillic AI offering for the last couple of years and focusing on the business side of that, and not looking that much into the analysis.

What do you read on the days you want to relax?

Thrillers for when I relax and then audiobooks when I drive and travel. The audiobooks are more often business or business biography related, so my summer vacation will definitely be filled with more thriller or crime, that’s for sure. I first started reading crimes and thrillers almost 30 years ago when Patricia Cornwell started the Scarpetta series. I originally read them in English and I recently tried reading the new ones in Danish and it just didn’t feel right.


The biographies I listen to, I feel like they’re driven by current business areas with Elon Musk, Phil Knight, and that mad guy, Jeff Bezos. There are definitely some different ways to do business. For example, with Nike, (Shoe Dog) I found it quite interesting because it’s sort of a historical perspective as well. It starts off in the early 60’s and the story is about the struggle he had along the way. So that’s quite interesting and a book really worth listening to. I highly recommend audiobooks! I’m always trying to figure out when I can use my Mofibo for something. I browse for inspiration elsewhere, and then when it’s available on Mofibo, I read it. It’s much easier than buying all those books. Although I will say that it is difficult on vacation because you need to argue with your kids why I’m allowed to sit why my phone and they’re not. Well it’s because I’m reading.

What is your favourite book? Why?

I don’t know. I don’t have a favourite book. For favourites, I’d say it’s probably more based on author than the book. Steffen Jacobsen, the Danish author, writes some quite interesting and suspenseful books. Then I don’t know how I ended up finding him, but Giorgio Faletti is writing some quite interesting thrillers. One of his books I’ve got on the menu for this summer.

Summer 2018 Recommendations


by: Giorgio Faletti

Bravo af Giorgio Faletti er en spændende bog fra en af Italiens mest populære krimiforfattere, der blandt andet har skrevet bestselleren “Jeg dræber”.

Bravo udspiller sig i Milano i 70´erne, hvor mafiaen og de Røde Brigader regerer. Bravo er en ung alfons, hvis liv ændrer sig, da han møder den smukke Carla. Han beslutter sig for at forlade det kriminelle miljø, men det går ikke som planlagt og snart er han en brik i et politisk spil, hvor det ikke er til at skelne mellem venner og fjender.


by: Steffen Jacobsen

After the death of her industrialist father, Elizabeth Caspersen finds a compromising DVD in his safe: it seems to show two people being hunted to their death in a gruesome, well-organized manhunt. Michael Sander, a private investigator and security consultant, is hired to find out who the victims are and why Caspersen was involved. Meanwhile, police investigator Lene Jenesen is investigating the death of a decorated war veteran found hanged on his wedding night. Having recently come into money, the man appears to have been driven to suicide, but the question is, why?

As the two cases begin to intertwine, Lene and Michael uncover a chilling secret: the existence of a hunting club formed by Denmark’s elite businessmen, where the targets are humans who are carefully selected and made to run for their lives. As their investigations take them into the darkest depths of humanity, uncovering crimes that reach further than they ever imagined, Lene and Michael must team up to overcome an opponent who outstrips them in resources and lethal danger—before they become the ones who are hunted.

The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon

by: Brad Stone

Though started off delivering books through the mail, its visionary founder, Jeff Bezos, was never content with being just a bookseller. He wanted Amazon to become ‘the everything store’, offering limitless selection and seductive convenience at disruptively low prices. To achieve that end, he developed a corporate culture of relentless ambition and secrecy that’s never been cracked. Until now…

Jeff Bezos stands out for his relentless pursuit of new markets, leading Amazon into risky new ventures like the Kindle and cloud computing, and transforming retail in the same way that Henry Ford revolutionized manufacturing. Amazon placed one of the first and largest bets on the Internet. Nothing would ever be the same again.

Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Telsa is Shaping our Future 

by: Ashlee Vance

South African born Elon Musk is the renowned entrepreneur and innovator behind PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity. Musk wants to save our planet; he wants to send citizens into space, to form a colony on Mars; he wants to make money while doing these things; and he wants us all to know about it. He is the real-life inspiration for the Iron Man series of films starring Robert Downey Junior.

The personal tale of Musk’s life comes with all the trappings one associates with a great, drama-filled story. He was a freakishly bright kid who was bullied brutally at school, and abused by his father. In the midst of these rough conditions, and the violence of apartheid South Africa, Musk still thrived academically and attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he paid his own way through school by turning his house into a club and throwing massive parties.

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE

by: Phil Knight

In 1962, fresh out of business school, Phil Knight borrowed $50 from his father and created a company with a simple mission: import high-quality, low-cost athletic shoes from Japan. Selling the shoes from the boot of his Plymouth, Knight grossed $8000 in his first year. Today, Nike’s annual sales top $30 billion. In an age of start-ups, Nike is the ne plus ultra of all start-ups, and the swoosh has become a revolutionary, globe-spanning icon, one of the most ubiquitous and recognisable symbols in the world today.

But Knight, the man behind the swoosh, has always remained a mystery. Now, for the first time, he tells his story. Candid, humble, wry and gutsy, he begins with his crossroads moment when at 24 he decided to start his own business. He details the many risks and daunting setbacks that stood between him and his dream – along with his early triumphs. Above all, he recalls how his first band of partners and employees soon became a tight-knit band of brothers. Together, harnessing the transcendent power of a shared mission, and a deep belief in the spirit of sport, they built a brand that changed everything.

A memoir rich with insight, humour and hard-won wisdom, this book is also studded with lessons – about building something from scratch, overcoming adversity, and ultimately leaving your mark on the world.