Throughout July, we’ll be rolling out our reading guide for this summer’s book recommendations. Our guide is unique, just like our employees, and will feature everything from the classics to niche fantasy literature, and everything in between.

Welcome to the Summer Reading Guide!

In our new content series, you’ll find inspiration to your next great read, with the added bonus of meeting some of the experts at Agillic. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we’ll post an interview with an Agillic expert where they will offer up their personal recommendations for this summer’s reads. So go outside, find your perfect reading spot, and remember to check back every week to meet a new Agillian.

Mia Larsen, Product Specialist

Meet Mia

Sune Børsen, Head of Solution Excellence

Meet Sune

Henrik Bjerre Kærsgaard, Product Manager

Meet Henrik

Rasmus Houlind, Chief Strategy Officer

Meet Rasmus

Benjamin Nidam, Head of Professional Services

Meet Benjamin

Pati Taterka, Java Developer

Meet Pati

Maria Binger, Finance Manager

Meet Maria

Aleksander Nowak, R&D Student

Meet Aleksander