Omnichannel Marketing is about day-to-day work with data, target groups and content. As your marketing team will be actively using the interface to create results for your business, we know how important it is to be able to get things done.  This is where our Product Support Experts comes in – ready to help you with best practices and troubleshooting.

Support at Agillic is structured to respond quickly because we have been there, on the other side, building campaigns on a deadline and having to test the content and dataset before pressing the button. You need quick responses and you need to get there. That’s why we handle 98.8 % of all support tickets within our SLA defined timeframe. That leaves a mere 1.2 % of tickets that need further investigation.


Agillic Support is also your entry point to our Product Management team, so if you have any issues with the use of Agillic or good ideas on how to improve our product, we are ready to receive and evaluate any input you may have.


Like we said, we are specialists and we are passionate about our work. That is why we always keep ourselves updated on the newest innovations and best practices in the industry. We love to share our insights, so why don’t you join us at the Omnichannel Blog? 


Our training curriculum is designed in a modular way to ensure that your team learns what is necessary at the right time according to your roll out plan. We balance the need for putting this amazing customer marketing platform you have acquired into a larger context – to let your team see the many possibilities – and on the other hand making sure you focus on learning the things you need right now.

Taking your business to the next level on an omnichannel marketing execution journey is all about planning when to do what. Getting those vital initial learnings, building on them and ramping up your platform competencies at the right time.
Our training catalogue is designed to support this with Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels and we always make sure to understand your situation and your needs before we recommends the right training plan for your team.


When your decision to work with Agillic has been made the Customer Engagement team jumps into action to welcome you. This is where the onboarding process starts. It consists of a series of meetings and deliverables designed to ensure that you not only go live with real data-driven marketing in Agillic as fast as possible according to your plan – but also optimise your chances for medium and long term success. Your success in using Agillic is a primary goal, and we want to work with your team and your partners to ensure this. We are not happy until we see you execute real live campaigns across channels to your customers.

While challenges within the Omnichannel domain can be similar between different companies in industry verticals – we are acutely aware that no two clients are the same. At the end of the day it’s about enabling the very people in your team and the specific partners you work with. This means that from case to case we may have a more or less active role. We want to be an adaptive partner that none the less challenges your ambitions with what can be Agillic.

And we can’t wait to show you how it is done. But before all that – we just want to say; Welcome to Agillic!


Our Professional Services team is here to support your and your partners in any way relevant to keep things moving when it comes to executing better data-driven marketing through Agillic. We always prefer to stand back and let our clients and partners work their magic on the broader lines and on the overall projects. From experience, it makes sense, however, to involve us from time to time if custom needs within your project arise. We have a clear picture of what can be done with our amazing platform and we are here to help with parts of your project if needed.

We are all ex-agency and marketing people and understand how to work with you and one or more partners to keep a project on track.

We can help you get started and build your success

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