Marketing Automation Cloud Platform

Agillic is a Marketing Automation cloud platform designed by marketers for marketers with the idea of creating a marketing platform built around the customer. All of our endeavours spring from the idea of ‘Customer first. Then Channels.’

This is our foundation for being the marketer’s customer-centric platform and hub for delivering the right message to the right customers, at the right time and at the right place.

The rise of the new digital customers, who don’t shop in linear ways but expect brands to be present when and where they need them, calls for realtime Omnichannel execution. The rapidly increasing amount of digital media calls for marketers to star and shine, through what we call ‘Marketing in the Power of Now’.


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Cater to any business and market

Stores or subscriptions, finance or fiction. Whatever your market or industry, Agillic will help you to increase loyalty and repurchases, increase customer satisfaction, lower churn and add to customer advocacy. Do you already have a customer loyalty program? Or are you considering starting one? Take a look and learn more about the usage of our platform here!

Build your success from day one

With Agillic, the platform allows your business to grow organically and gradually adopt more communication channels along the way without having to buy add-ons, install widgets or buy extra storage. And without any costly hardware requirements, our cloud-based Agillic platform will have your marketing automation up and running in no time.

5 steps to understand Agillic

All you need are permissions, data, messages and rules – Agillic enables marketing automation across all digital + traditional channels!

Explore the 5 steps

Get more than a platform

The platform is the key concern, so learn about all of the features to gain with Agillic. Of course one of the first things to notice about a software is often the UI. Agillic’s highly user friendly interface is aimed towards marketers, not developers and we prioritize to keep up our principle that almost everything is possible through configuration. But should you need a little guidance, we are here to help!

Reach out to your customers anywhere

Do simple email flows or have your advisors or clerks add data or do lookups within Agillic, through a POS or Call Centre. In-bound, out-bound or 3.rd party, Agillic will help you reach your customers in a wide array of channels We selected a few for the list, but should you have questions about channel options, please reach out to us via

Work with a next-gen software

No business’ setup or tech eco system is the same. That is why our platform is ready to be integrated with a wide array of systems, data sources and software. We also made sure that the database is scalable and will continue to be able to perform in real time even as you constantly generate more data as you go along.  And no hardware is required, as Agillic is a SaaS solution.