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Agillic Core

No business’ setup or tech ecosystem is the same. That is why our platform is ready to be integrated with a wide array of systems, data sources and software. We also made sure that the database is scalable and will continue to be able to perform in real time even as you constantly generate more data as you go along.  And no hardware is required, as Agillic is a SaaS solution.

Since our personalisation engine is central and not deeply buried within i.e. an email tool it’s not a big thing to work across channels. And with the explosion of possible communication channels and the pace at which the modern consumer adopts these – you need to aim for an omnichannel setup. With the functionalities and logic of Agillic core, you are provided with an engine for creating and executing personalised communication to your customers.


  • Connectivity
  • Deliverability
  • Support
  • Services

Customer Journeys

Agillic features a drag and drop flow designer used for creating individualized customer journeys such as welcome flows, onboarding, win back etc. This allows you to easily configure your customers’ journeys and if you are low on resources, don’t have the necessary skills – or just in a hurry to fix a tactical gap – you can choose to purchase Agillic as a managed service and take advantage of prebuilt best practice customer journeys.

Basically, you get all the decision support from world class AI and a head start in the communication flows that go on top. But you still have the freedom to extend, fine tune, modify or simply mix up the different elements of recommendations, flows, emails, wordings and much more.


  • Promotions
  • Forms
  • Email
  • Landing pages

Omnichannel Marketing

Agillic is a Customer Marketing Platform designed by marketers for marketers with the idea of creating a marketing platform built around the customer. This is our foundation for being the marketer’s preferred platform and hub for delivering the right message to the right customers, at the right time and at the right place.

With Agillic, the platform allows your business to grow while adopting more communication channels along the way, without having to buy add-ons, install widgets or buy extra storage. And without any costly hardware requirements, our cloud-based Agillic platform will have your omnichannel marketing up and running in no time.


  • Flow Designer
  • Channels
  • Target groups
  • Marketing Automation

AI Engine

The Agillic AI Engine uses front-line data analytics and mathematical models to predict and analyse customer behaviour. It analyses, learns and improves itself with every interaction, progressively understanding your customers and their uniqueness. It is personalised marketing at scale.

With Predictive Customer Intelligence, you have a head start in providing customers with relevant and timed content. We combine our omnichannel marketing execution with analytical models to set up predesigned automated communication flows and campaigns across channels, allowing you to benefit from hundreds of man-years worth of experience in pre-prepared components.


  • Predictive analytics
  • Send-time optimisation
  • Channel selection
  • Retail models