Omnichannel is for everyone

 Whether you are on the B2B or B2C market, or have lots of physical stores or none at all, Agillic will help you to communicate with your customers in all channels. Read on and let us bring you some examples from some of the industries that is represented within the Agillic client base:



Our clients within the retail sector often use Agillic to manage their loyalty schemes, customer clubs and customer communications across all channels. Agillic creates value by helping retailers increase loyalty and repurchases, increase customer satisfaction and add to customer advocacy.


Our Finance customers tell us they particularly enjoy Agillic’s abilities to encompass both digital communications as well as direct mail. Dialogue flows and triggers are orchestrated centrally with the same message reaching both digital natives and traditional customers alike. They experience a high degree of flexibility as well as low operating costs.


The story doesn’t end there. Agillic has customers within both transportation, media, telecommunications and even digitally born startups. Agillic helps increase repeat purchases, drive customer loyalty and satisfaction. Subscription based companies especially experience increased intake and lowered churn.