Design customer journeys and flows based on profiles, behavioural data, dynamic rules, and channels. Leverage next best actions and products or even churn properties on both inbound and outbound channels over time.

Start the journey for a certain segment at a certain time, or let the individual customers trigger the steps by themselves. We have done our best to enable marketers to tailor the journeys themselves by using our drag and drop interface. Agillic allows you to select amongst ten different step types to design the customer flow. Depending on available permission types for each customer, Agillic can choose which channels to use – i.e. SMS, email, APP push, or print.


Use Any Kind of Data

Configure your rules and target groups based on any thinkable kind of data – profile, behavioural, contextual, or even emotional. Filter your users on multiple levels, loop messages based on spam control settings, split on channel preferences, and redirect communications to your call centre or key account managers.

Test Before You Launch

Agillic makes it easy to test and see if your journeys are configured correctly by allowing you to quickly simulate the journey on the customer base. It’s easy for you to make sure your rules and segmentations are valid. You are good to go within a few minutes! Start by testing on a small population and let Agillic automatically execute your campaigns and orchestrate communication across both pull and push channels.