At Agillic we are constantly working towards giving our software extra great features that will make your omnichannel marketing smarter, easier, and quicker. It would be a long read to list them all, so we handpicked a few to give you an idea of some of the things Agillic does:

Integrated Customer Profiles

In Agillic the Customer Profile is the one central hub for orchestrating your communications. There are basically no limits to how much data and how many types of both behavioural, profile, transactional, or contextual data each customer profile can hold. Some of the data is created through interaction within Agillic – some is integrated with other parts of your Omnichannel ecosystem such as your ERP, CMS, POS, CRM, Business / Customer Intelligence, Data Warehouse etc.

Customers before channels

It may not seem like a big deal, but the customer-centric data model in Agillic has rather deep implications on everyday omnichannel marketing tasks. Central target groups, rules, automation and message design make it extremely easy to match customers with the right message regardless of channel – whether it is you reaching out to your customers through outbound communications, or customers visiting you on inbound channels.

Flexible Data Model

Not all data is neatly structured and possible to represent as columns in a customer database. Modern omnichannel marketing is fueled by both profile data, relational data, and even unrelated data. With Agillic we give you the opportunity to automate and personalize on both person data, one-to-many data (such as transactions, subscriptions), as well as global data (such as i.e. products, stores, inventory, locations etc.)

Any data stored in Agillic can be used to trigger, segment, or personalise. All by configuration alone. It enables you to easily configure data models around concepts such as i.e. Households, Families, and B2B. So, there will be no need for developers taking courses in SQL. We insist to keep Agillic as a configuration platform as opposed to a development platform. That’s good news for anyone tired of clinging onto a ticket number from IT.

User-friendly interface

One of the things that is key when working with a platform is of course the interface. Agillic’s highly user friendly interface is aimed towards marketers, not developers, and we prioritize to keep up our principle that almost everything is possible through configuration with no need for custom development.

Easy start-up

Once you sign up for Agillic, we will make sure to get you up and running in no time! Training, templates, and getting the most out of using the platform is all something we would love to help you with! Read about our Customer Success Team

Let us help

We know what it’s like working with marketing and meeting deadlines. That is why our Agillic support team is always ready to help! We are accessible through our online ticket system or via phone from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm CET and we strive to resolve issues within the shortest possible time, so you can move forward with the least hassle.