Agillic’s Customer Marketing Platform enables brands to deliver highly personalised communication at scale. We deploy artificial intelligence to maximise the use of data and to give businesses a competitive head start. We are committed to providing our customers with an exemplary software platform and our partner network is essential to that success.

The Agillic Partner network was developed to support our common goal: shared customer success. To us, partnership means working together to ensure that our customers can achieve successful results. We are dedicated to maintaining the relationships we have with our partners and look forward to building a committed and a favourable partnership.

When you partner with us, we want to empower you to win new business and to grow your existing clients by using the Agillic software. We work primarily within the following verticals: Retail, Finance, Subscription Businesses, Hospitality & Leisure and NGOs.

Agillic Academy for Partners

The Agillic Academy serves as our way to support our partners’ efforts to remain highly skilled and up-to-date on Agillic’s Customer Marketing Platform. Whether you’re new to the partner network or with a long-standing record, we offer courses and workshops adjusted to your level, client base, and interest.