How can you make sure that your emails are getting the attention you want?

These tips and tricks will point you in the right direction!

E-mail Marketing Best Practices in 2016
Click to download: 9 things to remember about E-mail Marketing

Emails have had a bad rap for a long time amongst consumers and in this modern era of increasingly more relevant content it is important to get your stuff right when you send emails. Data driven content aside, what can you do to positively impact the relationships between you and your subscribers?

Ultimately it’s up to you to test different solutions out and implement what works for you, but to get you off to a right start you can use this PDF to cover the basis on several subjects in email marketing.

9 things to remember about E-mail Marketing

  1. Subjects and preheaders
  2. Emojicons
  3. Call to actions
  4. Embedded video
  5. Background images
  6. Custom fonts
  7. Alt texts
  8. Opt in / opt out
  9. Spam

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