Being the biggest of its kind in Scandinavia, more than 50 speakers and +500 participants gathered in Strömstad, Sweden to discuss and exchange ideas on CRM, loyalty marketing, CX and digital marketing. So what was the take-away from the conference? Here are some of the highlights and thoughts from the event:

Stay true – like The North Face and Apple

Through the hours of talks and workshops, it seemed as if themes emerged throughout the three days, regardless of the speakers’ different backgrounds, represented brands and areas of business. What many seemed to bring forward was the necessity to analyze and consider the company’s nature: Being true to the brand, asking why we are in business and most of all, being true to our core businesses and being true to the customer.

Ken Segall
Ken Segall spoke about Apple in the talk “Insanely simple”

Ken Segall, author and former Apple employee pointed to the core assumptions and messages that have shaped Apple as a brand – the innovative thinking, the simplicity yet sophistication and the notion of going where no one went before.  Seth Ellison, President of Levi Strauss Europe, also described how Levi’s are looking back on the company’s roots to create great customer experiences to keep the brand relevant to modern consumers. Being relevant and original does not mean to try to reinvent the brand every few years – it is about being clear what the brand stood for, and what it will continue to stand for in the future.

Keeping close to the customer

An aspect that also took center stage in the course of the three-day program, was the significance of the direct communication with consumers through a wide range of channels, particularly with the rise of SoMe and the issues of the customers’ “advertisement fatigue”. Ian Dewar, CRM & Loyalty Manager, The North Face, spoke about the significance of their loyalty from customers, but thinking about the customers’ lifestyle and retaining customers through events and experiences – replacing the traditional sense of what a loyalty program should be.

The Omnichannel Aspect

Being Omnichannel was also a key take-away from Dewar’s talk, but many of the talks and workshops during the conference took the same view. Modern consumers find themselves crossing channels daily or even hourly, challenging brands to strategize their presence across all channels. In that process, branding and customer communication are becoming more intertwined as digital platforms serve as both places of advertisement, purchase of products as well as gateways to speaking directly to and with the brand.

How omnichannel marketing is becoming a thing of the now, not the future, which was also the core of the talk by Director of Insight and Innovation, Luxottica/Eyemed, Kristen Zavo, who pointed to the success of an omnichannel strategy if the brands started by asking themselves why they were even in business, which correlates strongly with the theme mentioned earlier.

Rasmus Houlind presents at the omnichannel workshop

Agillic was happy to contribute to the list of workshops with “Omnichannel – are you ahead or behind the pack?”, hosted by Sune Børsen and Rasmus Houlind. Beginning with an introduction to an omnichannel customer journey, the workshop took its point of departure from the framework introduced in the omnichannel book “Make it all about me and I´ll buy it!” by Rasmus Houlind. The 25 participants of the workshop were then guided through the Omnichannel Self Assesment Tool based on the Omnichannel Hexagon model, that allows professionals to benchmark their company´s omnichannel maturity and abillity to get even closer to the customer.

How well is your brand doing in the 6 different omnichannel disciplines? Test yourself here: The Omnichannel Survey.

A conference of dialog – in more than one way

When gathering +500 participants from different business areas, it is also a great opportunity to create an extraordinary networking experience – and Dialogkonferansen did just that! Said to be one of the most social conferences, the program allowed for all partakers to interact and spend fun times together, with a wide range of activities, cozy dinners and cocktail hours by the seaside. One of the traditions of the conference is the dinner/dress up party Monday night, and that was no exception at this 20 year anniversary! Dressed up as their favorite music stars, the attendees were showered in golden confetti, before moving on to dinner, drinks and dancing to live music all night.  

Showering in confetti, Monday night was a party

The atmosphere was inviting and warm, thanks to the dedicated planning from Bring Dialog. The Agillic Team was overjoyed to partner with Bring Dialog for the 20th annual conference and was happy to partake in this great occasion – we will be sure to participate next year!

If you missed it – you can catch Dansk Markedsføring’s sum up of Dialogkonferansen on Friday the 16th of September at Nordre fasanvej 113-115, 2000 Frederiksberg. Rasmus Houlind, CSO of Agillic will be participating with a short talk on omnichannel – Read more about the program here!