SimpleSite is a Danish company with international reach and a large customer base. Offering websites and blogs on a subscription basis the company has been growing steadily since the foundation in 2001. The concept is simple: the customer chooses from a series of templates with the option to customise for example colours and images, set up a web shop with online payment, and within minutes the website is up and running. Personalised customer communication in 18 languages executed through Agillic is supporting the success of SimpleSite.

Personalising with language versioning

SimpleSite has been working with Agillic since 2015. In this period the company has grown substantially on international markets and today has a customer database of 25 million.

“The functionalities in the Agillic platform are a perfect fit to the way we work, and we are using them as a vehicle for our growth”, says Lars-Bo Sørensen, Email Marketing Campaign Specialist with SimpleSite.

One of the immediate benefits SimpleSite achieved upon onboarding Agillic was the ability to personalise the customer communication on a series of parameters, with language versions as a particular business-critical feature, but also with, e.g.
currency varying from country to country.

When developing the communication English is the primary language source. It accounts for the majority of the communication, followed by Spanish, French, Portuguese and with Czech and Malayan as some of the minor languages. All language versions are executed through Agillic with a grand total of 18 languages.

Lars-Bo Soerensen

»The functionalities in Agillic are a perfect fit to the way we work, and we are using them as a vehicle for our growth. «

Lars-Bo Sørensen,
Email Marketing Campaign Specialist with SimpleSite.

Execution of language versions in Agillic

The language version feature in Agillic enables clients to execute outbound communication in many languages. Each recipient has their own preferred language in a Person Data field, which then is matched to their appropriate language version. This ensures that the recipient receives the language associated with their profile. If the recipient’s language is not set up, there is always a default version of the communication, typically English. All content, i.e. the various language versions, is inserted into Agillic’s Content Designer. The configurator then sets up a Flow and executes the communication for the appropriate segment.

Future initiatives

Currently, SimpleSite is executing email campaigns to win new customers as well as welcome-flows and inspirational emails regarding how to customise and optimise the websites. Future initiatives include the implementation of trigger-based flows based on the customers’ use of the website templates’ various features. Furthermore, the company will be looking into personalised landing pages which are also to be executed from the Agillic platform.

“We are very satisfied with the collaboration with Agillic. Potentially, executing 18 language versions holds challenges, but when we encounter issues and reach out to Agillic Support, the help is always on point and swift,” says Lars-Bo Sørensen. “We feel confident about launching the next phase of SimpleSite’s personalised customer communication and expect great results.”

Facts about SimpleSite

    • SimpleSite has 4-5000 new users every day and on an average 50 % give permission to receive marketing emails.
    • Approximately 25.000 emails are executed daily from the Agillic platform.
    • SimpleSite estimates that 20 % of its revenue is related to email conversion.
    • SimpleSite is executing 18 language versions from the Agillic platform.
    • Currently, the customer database is holding 25 million contacts.
About Agillic A/S

Agillic is a Nordic software company enabling marketers to maximise the use of data and translate it into relevant and personalised communication; establishing strong relations between people and brands. Our customer marketing platform uses AI to enhance the business value of customer communication. By combining data-driven customer insights with the ability to execute personalised communication, we provide our clients with a head start in the battle of winning markets and customers.