Fitness World is flexing the data muscle to build healthy habits

Everybody joins the fitness center with the ambition to work out regularly, but it takes healthy habits to turn ambition into reality. Fitness World helps establish and support that habit through personalised and automated communication flows that motivate, praise and inspire members to build and maintain good exercise habits. Doing so has boosted retention rates.

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A good welcome is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Magazines and weeklies are at the core of Egmont Publishing and their subscription business. They know that in all good stories, the opening has to hook you, or you will never stick around for a happy ending. The same goes with a customer relationship: Already at the beginning of the customer lifecycle, you have to think retention. That’s why the ability to create and execute data-driven and personalised welcome flows are crucial to Egmont Publishing.

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Miinto is scaling the business with automation

Miinto is selling fashion from 1800 independent shops in seven markets. Since the launching of an entirely digital go-to-market strategy, the company is moving fast towards its goal of becoming the leading online fashion portal. Intelligent use of data, personalisation and automated communication flows are propelling the company forward.

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Setting the cornerstones for omnichannel fundraising

Red Cross is the world’s largest humanitarian organisation, and in Denmark, more than 500,000 donors are contributing; some are members, others are one-off donors. In order to create loyalty and prevent churn, it is a strategic priority for the Danish Red Cross to use an omnichannel approach and communicate more personalised.

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Bonjour, Hoi, Ciao – Customer
Service Comes in Many Languages

SimpleSite is a Danish company with international reach and a large customer base. Offering websites and blogs on a subscription basis the company has been growing steadily since the foundation in 2001. The concept is simple: the customer chooses from a series of templates with the option to customise for example colours and images, set up a web shop with online payment, and within minutes the website is up and running. Personalised customer communication in 18 languages executed through Agillic is supporting the success of SimpleSite.

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SPORTMASTER realises the value of an omnichannel customer

Leading Danish sporting goods retailer, SPORTMASTER, has a strong position in the market. Fierce competition and low customer loyalty mean that they need to increase sales to maintain position. SPORTMASTER is using Agillic to increase the value of their customer base, by joining up effective personalisation and omnichannel execution.


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