Since our personalisation engine is central and not deeply buried within i.e. an email tool it’s not a big thing to work across channels. And with the explosion of possible communication channels and the pace at which the modern consumer adopts these – you need to aim for an omnichannel setup. The Agillic Customer Marketing Platform enables omnichannel marketing and automation across a wide array of channels and we are always looking into adding more.


Yes – we do still send emails. It’s the cockroach of the internet but is driving incredibly high conversions. Our email servers are “warm” from first send out, and strictly monitored by the Agillic Deliverability team to ensure your messages reach the inbox across both local and global ISPs (e.g. Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo)

Text messages / MMS

Agillic comes with a build-in SMS gateway that’s ready to use. If you have a special favourite gateway of your own, we can handle that too. If words are not enough you can add images and send MMS messages.

Text messages go both ways – so customers can sign up or give feedback through a simple text message. All you have to do is to configure short numbers, short codes, and corresponding actions within the dialog flows.

Web / In-app personalisation

Meet your customers with personalised messages on your existing website or within your app. A simple string of HTML and a script will embed the personalised message from Agillic client side or you can choose to integrate personalised messages server side through our API.

Print / Direct Mail

Still popular in some industries and sometimes even legally required, with Agillic you can design and personalise direct mails as easily as emails. Incorporate marketing messages in your service communication or use direct mail as a complementary tool in your marketing efforts.

Push notifications

App’s should not only be an inbound tool but an outbound communications channel as well. Whether through HTTP or API we make it easy to activate your customers through your native app.

Landing pages

If your web department doesn’t feel the same campaign urgency as you do, you can quickly construct a landing page with our simple CMS. In that case both the Behavioural and Profile Data is automatically stored within Agillic.

Display Advertising

Agillic makes it possible to personalize the way you show banners on 3rd party websites. You can both stop spending ad-money on banners for customers that are in fact reachable through owned media or choose to reactive customers with personalised banners or spread the message via look-a-like audiences.

Call Centre/ Point Of Sale

Sales associates and Customer Service personnel are able to look up customers within the customizable Agillic Advisor Portal. This will show them a complete customer profile with both profile and behavioural data, messages received and recommendations for the next best actions and next best products.


With Agillic you can personalise the way you promote your business on Facebook. You can both stop spending money on customers that are in fact reachable through owned media or choose to reactive customers with personalised banners or even reach twin audiences.


Sometimes it’s easier to simply ask your customers what their interests are, how their family pattern is and how satisfied they are. Agillic comes with a complete drag’n’drop interface for putting together small Questionnaires, Surveys, or Quick Polls