Introducing AI

With Agillic’s pre-built AI-powered customer journeys, you can take advantage of a fast-track to leverage the potentials of AI and to maximise the value of your customer data. Agillic offers a combination of omnichannel marketing and AI linking profound customer insight and the ability to execute 1:1 communication. Check out our blog-posts, webinars, and whitepaper and explore how AI-powered omnichannel marketing can help you boost sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Read our white paper about how the combination of human creativity, AI precision and automated execution provide remarkable results. AI-expert Colin Shearer takes you through Agillic’s AI and offers advice on how to unlock the value of your data throughout the customer lifecycle when deploying AI.

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Meet our AI-expert Colin Shearer

Colin Shearer is among the founding fathers of predictive analytics, the SPSS Modeler inventor, and modern analytics godfather. He is a recognised expert in advanced data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Colin has worked with start-ups and global companies such as SPSS and IBM. Today, Colin is CBDO at Agillic and is heading Agillic’s work with artificial intelligence and analytics.

Webinar with Colin Shearer

The AI-enabled marketing organisation is a good place to be; it’s not a case of ‘marketer versus machine’, but rather, ‘marketer and machine collaboration’. At this webinar, Agillic’s Chief Business Development Officer Colin Shearer described how AI can support and amplify the marketers and enable them to focus their creativity, informed by insights from AI while leaving the underlying data analysis and scalable precision targeting to the machines.

AI Webinar

AI-themed talks

Talk at IBM Think

Being part of the IBM Think Tank, Agillic gave a short introduction to the AI-power that sits within the Agillic platform. The Think Tank was a perfect example of the diversity of AI use-cases, including Agillic’s AI-engine, delivering timed, personalised communication.

Talk at Tartarklubben

Are you afraid of AI replacing you in Marketing? Well, don’t. Colin Shearer is here to explain how marketer and machine can be the best collaboration that the data-driven Marketing department has ever seen. The talk was given on November 6, 2018, for an exclusively invited crowd at Tartarklubben.

Blog posts on AI

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