More than 600 guests, CMOs, marketers and other good people got together in Skuespilhuset devoting a day to exploring the naked truth about Omnichannel Marketing. Agillic presented strategic initiatives, clients presented cases, openly discussing challenges as well as celebrating successes, partners shared their expertise and Lars A.P, a.k.a F*cking flink, reminded us about the importance of the human touch as digitalisation permeates society and human interaction.

Personalisation and omnichannel marketing are powerful differentiators when connecting to customers, to make them love your brand and to make them act. Being able to provide a unified experience throughout the customer journey is rewarded with loyal customers who buy more. And at its core, omnichannel marketing is all about relevant reach and the engagement it can spur.

To unlock the value of omnichannel marketing, you must know your customers. What do they need, how do they move along the customer journey, what content do they respond to – and which channels are they using in which context? You have to know your data – and how to act on the insights data offers.

Agillic Omnichannel

In Agillic content is residing in the central content hub, which, together with a flexible data structure enabling a 360° view of the customers, is key to omnichannel execution.

An evolving story

The Agillic Customer Marketing Platform is an evolving story. We continually optimise the platform to add value to our clients’ daily work and business. By design, the platform is customer-centric and has omnichannel marketing capability. Agillic’s engineers continually enhance the features and the experience of working in Agillic to enable our clients to stay at the forefront.
At the summit Agillic presented three strategic initiatives:

  • A new UI
  • 3rd generation of Agillic AI
  • Bridging owned and paid media

New UI: Say hello to a new work experience in Agillic

Through a series of releases, we are innovating and modernising the Agillic Customer Marketing Platform. As we innovate, we aim to strike the perfect balance between sophistication and ease-of-use. Throughout all the changes, efficiency, effectiveness and user satisfaction are at the high seat.

“We are on a journey to empower you through design. Agillic is a sophisticated platform with powerful features, but a great product is more than a feature list – a great product is designed for people, and sophistication should not be at the expense of usability,” said Smaranda Calin, Director of Product Design at Agillic and continues:

“Execution beats strategy as the saying goes, and with Agillic our users hit the execution phase. That’s why it is extremely important that users feel the system gives them tailwind and that they experience intuitiveness and responsiveness when working in the platform. We want our users to be bold, playful and explorative and to achieve their business goals efficiently.”

Agillic Summit - Smaranda Calin

One of the design principles is ‘Complexity made friendly’, and the design team has focused on creating a UI with less clutter, enabling users to focus on the tasks at hand. The result is a clean Nordic look, with an international feel.

“Through an iterative release process, we will keep releasing good stuff starting with a new start page, moving on to, among other things, a redesign of the content designer and the media library. All along the process, we will ask for feedback from our users to ensure that the UI and UX reflect user-needs,” said Smaranda.

Hands-on AI

Nils Budde, Agillic’s Director of Products, applied a dose of naked truth to the discussion about AI as it continues to linger between hyperbole and horror.

“On a scale of 1- 5, where 5 is the autonomous car, with no driver interaction required, 1 is the car with park-assist and lane-assist i.e you can have support on requested tasks, but you need to have your hands on the steering wheel at all time and be in control. If you compare the visions of AI in marketing to the visions of the autonomous car, the current AI capability is by far the autonomous car.”

Agillic Summit 2019 Niels Budde

According to Nils, AI in marketing is still a hands-on-the-steering-wheel-matter, and we should not be waiting for nor wanting the autonomous AI:

“It is Agillic’s standpoint that marketing is too big a differentiator for any company to be fully automated and outsourced to a machine. Marketers should run the show. But we do see a lot of possibilities to use AI to make life easier for the marketers,” said Nils.

To help clients leverage the business potentials of AI, Agillic’s 3rd generation of AI is integrated directly into the Agillic product. Furthermore, operation and development of Agillic’s AI are now inhouse, which renders the offering more streamlined and transparent, so that the marketers are at all times in control of the reasoning behind the recommendations.

“We have made it easier for you to initiate the next level of personalisation by using select customer journeys and models, such as product recommendation, replenishment, churn and win-back. You only need to select the channel, create content and let AI do the math,” said Nils.

More than anything, AI is about personalisation and relevance, which is rewarded by the consumers as reflected in the customer lifetime value. Understand your needs and define your objectives and start tapping into opportunities. Think big but start small and don’t wait for the perfect plan.

Bridging paid and owned media

‘Good day fellow, axe handle!’ is an anecdote about speaking without listening and exemplifies how talking out of context renders a dialogue gibberish and leads to frustration. Unfortunately, this is often the experience you get when interacting with a brand across channels, as Jesper Valentin described it in his introduction to the 3rd strategic initiative, namely building a bridge between paid and owned media through Agillic.

Agillig Summit 2019

”We all recognise the irritation as we are being followed by a banner when we looked at a product and actually bought it. Or when an ad for a membership at better terms than the one, we already have keeps taunting us” said Bo Sannung, COO of Agillic.

From a business perspective, it is equally unsatisfactory, as you spend money on promoting a product already purchased or on acquiring existing customers. It is noise with no relevance for anybody.

To end this, Agillic has built a bridge between paid and owned media. With integrations into the Google, Facebook and Adform ecosystems, Agillic’s clients can now bind touchpoints, data and tech together and act across paid and owned channels with the same insights. No more ‘good day fellow, axe handle!’ Instead, say hello to consistent and coherent communication across channels, and far more efficient marketing spend.

In the Agillic Paid Media pit stop, Agillic specialists demonstrated use cases and how to work with Google Ads Customer Match and Facebook Custom Audiences to achieve significant improvements in ROAS.

Do it yourself – as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Establish a secure link to your Paid Media accounts from the Agillic Connector settings selection
  2. Sync your key Target Groups from the flow module using the available Paid Media Steps in Agillic
  3. Finally, you can include, exclude, bid adjust or mirror the Target Groups in your Paid Media provider

Don’t forget the human touch

“Digitalisation, data, automation and AI should not be over-powering us. Let’s use them as a means to become more human and to communicate in a way that inspires, moves, and helps to make people’s lives better.”

This is the message from Lars A.P, a.k.a F*cking flink (F*cking friendly). In all the excitement, and sometimes anxiety, about technology, we should remember that human interaction is about recognising each other and helping each other to have an enjoyable and fulfilling life. Brands have an impact on people’s lives not only through the product they offer but also through the communication and the sense of community a brand can create, for example, by being relevant and personalised.

Let’s talk – we are open on all channels

If you are curious for more about personalised omnichannel marketing and the potentials for your business, give us a call, send an e-mail, or meet us face-to-face at your place or our place in Copenhagen, London, Stockholm or Zurich and let’s talk.

Presentations from the summit

A big thanks to our bright clients who boldly shared their experiences and to our partners for offering good advice and insights. See the Agillic Summit19 presentations from – among others – Fitness World, Miinto, and Air Greenland here.