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katja vahl

Katja Vahl

E-Business & Marketing Manager at Air Greenland

Air Greenland: Intelligent Use of Data to Gain Loyalty

In the spring of 2019, Air Greenland launched Club Timmisa – a customer club designed to understand passengers’ behaviour, wishes and interests to safeguard against fierce competition. Air Greenland wanted to ensure a far more attractive experience for customers across digital and physical touchpoints, which had been a challenge in the past. With Agillic, Air Greenland has developed an omnichannel approach in which data from different data silos integrate and enable targeted, personalised content based on behavioural and demographic data. Hear how the Agillic platform plays a crucial role in the solution – both in handling very large volumes of data and in meeting customers exactly where they are.

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Kirsten Lund Petersen

Head of Member Experience at Fitness World

Fitness World: How to Create Healthy Habits Through Marketing Automation

Everyone joins a fitness center with an ambition to work out regularly, but it’s healthy habits that turn ambition into reality. Fitness World helps establish and support that habit through marketing automation, where communication flows every single day inform, motivate, praise, and inspire members to build and maintain good exercise habits throughout their fitness lives. In this session, you’ll learn about how Fitness World has increased retention of its more than 550,000 members over the past year by continuously focusing on the drivers of engagement that strengthen good exercise habits.

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Kenneth Nørgaard

CEO at BabySam

BabySam: Growing Wallet Share with Growing Customers

With a primary target group of 180,000 customers and average customer lifetime of 24 months, BabySam knows wallet share is essential to its success. In fact, products for children ages 0-2 make up 75% of the chain’s annual turnover. BabySam started its journey towards omnichannel and 1:1 marketing in 2015 – with a goal of realising 1:1 customer P&L in 2020. How far has it gotten? And just how automated is marketing automation, anyway? Learn how Denmark’s leading chain of baby-related goods is tirelessly focusing on customers’ wishes and needs – and how it has dramatically boosted both turnover and earnings with its “digital first” mindset.

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Jacob Lauesen

Director of Marketing & Development at F.C. København

From Football House to Media Club

In the summer of 2018, Jacob joined FC København – Scandinavia’s largest football club – as Director of Marketing and Development. FC København is these years driving a commercial- and media-transformation, based on data- and analysis driven business development and marketing. When F.C Copenhagen presented this exciting career challenge, Jacob had already worked several years in the commercial part of the sports industry as Director of Sports at the Icelandic AI and data tech-startup Activity Stream, and before that as Director of Business Development in the Danish FA (DBU). Jacob has a background in development, marketing and execution of several major events, such as the EXPO World Exhibition and various UEFA events.

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Jacob Lauesen
Andreas Sachse

Andreas Sachse

Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Podimo

Podimo: Setting the Cornerstones for Growth

Podimo is a newly launched subscription business where high intake of customers needs to balance with customer lifetime value. This is where proactive, timely and relevant customer communication plays an important role. In this session Andreas will put his words to how he and his team is setting up a scalable foundation for both campaigns and automated customer lifecycle communication across countries and channels.

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Marlene Tolstrup

Senior CRM Specialist at Santander Consumer Bank DK

Santander Consumer Bank: Managing a New Kind of Customer Dialogue

Historically, Santander Consumer Bank Denmark has focused 100 % on sales in both its mass communication and CRM activities. Recently, however, Santander shifted its focus to strengthen customer experience. And as part of its aggressive growth strategy, Santander is using Agillic as a key tool to orchestrate a new kind of customer dialogue. This case will present insights into the preliminary results of various initiatives and the challenges encountered with customer experience, and it will unveil Santander’s strategy going forward.

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Rasumus Houlind
Miinto CMO

Rasmus Houlind & Malthe Cederborg

CSO at Agillic & CMO at Miinto

Keynote by Agillic: The Naked Truth about Omnichannel

Although customers want you to “make it all about me,” most companies struggle with achieving true customer focus – meaning they miss out on making a measurable difference for both their customers and themselves. In this no-holds-barred conversation between one of our valued customers and our Chief Strategy Officer, you’ll hear about both the strategic and tactical aspects of Miinto’s omnichannel journey. Miinto, one of Europe’s largest e-commerce fashion platforms, intelligently uses data, personalization and automated communication flows to keep propelling its business forward.

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Jesper Lindeberg

Group e-CRM Manager at Miinto

Miinto: From One-Size-Fits-All to Modern Email Marketing

As Group e-CRM Manager for Miinto, Jesper’s job is to make the most of the company’s email marketing – focusing on marketing automation, in particular. Miinto has more than 4,500,000 monthly visitors and 50,000 customers every month, so automation plays a key role. Previously, Jesper worked with email marketing at Saxo, Denmark’s largest online bookstore, and Kunde & Co, one of Northern Europe’s largest marketing and branding agencies.

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Zvi Goldstein

Zvi Goldstein

CMO at Interflora

Interflora: The Data-Driven Customer Experience

As one of the largest flower delivery networks in the world, Interflora has two core assets at the centre of its CX strategy: its award-winning brand and its unique 1st party. Learn how Interflora is combining the two to create compelling and profitable customer experiences across channels. The presentation will cover why the brand plays a crucial role in CX success; how to think strategically about your 1st party data; and how to make your CX work across channels.

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