What do you get when you combine 300 attendees, 15 speakers, 20 sessions and 40 kilos of candy?

This year’s Agillic Summit! We gathered 300 marketing professionals from across Europe and dedicated an entire day in Central Copenhagen to the Marketing Automation space.

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The Naked Truth

This year’s summit theme was dedicated to uncover “the naked truth” of working with Marketing Automation – both challenges and opportunities alike. We aimed to inspire and empower Marketing departments going forward in their day-to-day work with Marketing Automation and Omnichannel Marketing. And so, we put together an agenda on what we believe to be the strongest trends and most promising opportunities right now.

On the 30th of May, in the beautiful surroundings of the National Museum of Denmark, we were proud to present 15 speakers and 20 different sessions. Being marketeers ourselves, our aim was to include aspects from both the strategic, tactical and operational level on everything from establishing successful loyalty programs to the design of extraordinary emails.

Meet the speakers

The agenda of the day included best-practice examples, business cases and inspiring scenarios, as well as live demos and campfires – a hosted round-table session, allowing participants to discuss topics and experience in detail with speakers and experts. The speakers of the day was found across digital agencies, brands and retailers as well as experts in Predictive analytics and AI, entrepreneurship and GDPR.


After opening notes by COO of Agillic, Bo Sannung, the impressing business case of the Danish retail chain Sportmaster took center stage, before the first keynote of the day. SPSS Modeler inventor and modern Analytics Godfather Colin Shearer gave his take on AI, Machine Learning and how to apply these technologies for Marketing purposes before a completely packed audience in the Egmont hall.

The day then continued with 8 campfire sessions and two different speaks at the main stage. The campfires were buzzing as marketeers gathered around to share knowledge and discuss topics presented by speakers and experts. During the campfires, attendees were able to mingle between tables and partake in several conversations, including the opportunity to pose questions for Agillic-experts and keynote speakers.

After lunch, four different presentations filled both stages. Pia Voldmester, partner at the lawfirm Bruun & Hjejle laid out the new Marketing legislation and GDPR.


Final keynote was the story of Mofibo/Storytel by Danish serial-entrepreneur and investor Morten Strunge. Known for his investment successes, Strunge presented the case of the Danish e-book subscription service and how a data driven business model and the use of the Agillic platform made the acquisition of Mofibo attractive to the Swedish competitor Storytel.

Watch the full-length talks and download slides from Summit17!

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40 kilos of candy

But in addition to the agenda, arriving at Summit17, attendees were greeted by the colourful display in the lounge area. Packed with five different flavours of toffee, the Agillic “Candy Store” was brought to life for a sweet taste of the new Agillic demo universe. The imaginary brand is made to demonstrate Marketing Automation execution across channels – giving you a little “sweet taste of Marketing Automation”. During the day, everyone was welcome at the physical Candy Store and could mix their favourite flavours. At the end of the day, more than 40 kilos of candy was consumed and taken home to enjoy.

At Agillic we would like to thank all attendees, speakers, customers and partners for a truly inspiring day! We were overwhelmed by your interest!

We can’t wait to see you again next time!