Danish advertisers fall behind on Martech investments

In fact, a billion is spent on Martech investments - but the share of the marketing budget is lower than in eg. USA and England.

Agillic CEO addresses critique of mini stock exchange: The discussion lacks nuances

The criticism is shared by several companies on the Nasdaq First North’s mini stock market. At Agillic - which was listed in March - the debate is considered unnuanced. "All companies are being put into the same box," says CEO.

Danish martech company is growing at the speed of light

Agillic, which increased sales by 96% in the first half of the year compared to last year, has recently added Danske Bank’s housing portal Sunday, Brøndby IF, and Normal to the customer list.

Agillic continues to grow and accelerates international efforts

Agillic is looking abroad to meet the growth targets made available to shareholders in connection with the stock exchange listing in March.

Agillic Presents Promising Interim Financial Statements, Confirming the Potential in Artificial Intelligence

Agillic presents an interim financial statement with many positive aspects. Revenue has almost doubled and subscriptions are flying off the shelves to new customers who make use of the company's solution with artificial intelligence.

Agillic hires former Sitecore director, Kim Elsass, to accelerate growth in Europe through stronger partnerships

Kim Elsass is an experienced leader and comes from one of Denmark's biggest successes in the development and sale of software.