Armstrong One

IBM, Houston Analytics and Agillic have joined together to create Armstrong One. Armstrong One is an omnichannel marketing automation platform, built on Artificial Intelligence. It analyses, learns and improves itself with every interaction, progressively understanding your customers and their uniqueness. It is personalized marketing at scale.

Armstrong One combines the magic of Predictive Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, with the power of Omni-channel content execution.

Armstrong One is in the cloud, set up to immediately start insight-driven personal Customer Dialogues, with time to market as low as 15 days.

Armstrong One is a subscription-based service with no upfront investment in technology, implementation or deployment.

Armstrong One was created by marketers for marketers. We have downloaded hundreds of man-years worth of experience into pre-prepared components

Armstrong One provides

Front-line data analytics and mathematical models to predict and analyse customer behaviour.

Predictive Customer Intelligence as a platform to target customers with relevant and timed content.

Omnichannel marketing automation execution with predesigned communication flows and campaigns across channels.

For more information, please contact:

Jesper Valentin Holm
CEO / Sales, Denmark
+45 6093 3630

Or visit the Armstrong One website: