Digital customers do not shop in linear ways, but expect brands to be present when and where they need them – that calls for omnichannel marketing.

We are marketers ourselves, and we live and breathe to empower marketers to win and maintain businesses with an unbeatable customer marketing platform. We set insights, ideas and content into action for consistent brand experiences and seamless interactions, all along the customer journey.

This is our foundation for being the marketer’s preferred platform and hub for delivering the right message to the right customers, at the right time and at the right place.

We are a Danish-founded software company with a proprietary marketing automation solution that serves as a platform for loyalty clubs and customer communication across all channels. Together with a network of partners and agencies, we help companies such as Matas, Sydbank, Mofibo and Egmont engage and communicate seamlessly with their customers.

The Copenhagen office

AGILLIC A/S ::: Gammel Mønt 2 ::: 1117 Copenhagen K ::: CVR: 25063864 ::: P: +45 70 25 28 25


We believe that with great access to insight comes great opportunity for meaningful action.

We believe that insight is nothing without action.
And action is aimless without insight.

That’s why our calling in this world is to empower marketers to always


The London Office

25 Eccleston Place :::
London SW1W 9NF :::
P: +44 20 3958 4190

The Stockholm Office

Jakobsbergsgatan 16 :::
Box 16404 :::
SE-103 27 Stockholm :::
P: +46 706 838 303