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    Explore how simple Marketing Automation can be executed with Agillic

    Click to explore the 5 steps
    Collecting the data Act On Insight Message Design Customer Journey Omnichannel Execution

    Click to explore the 5 steps

    Collecting data and
    integrating insights

    Add a simple customer list via a quick upload or integrate existing customer profiles and behavioural data through our API

    Collect Data & Integrate Insights

    The first feed of data to Agillic can be done by connecting multiple data sources via our well-defined API or manually through a simple Excel upload. No matter if it’s profile, transactional, or permission data from an external database or a Data Warehouse, Agillic can connect automatically to transfer it all.

    Using our well-defined list of APIs to update the customers’ profiles in real time is a basic but fundamental feature. Some data is updated weekly, some daily, and some instantly. The Agillic marketing automation platform offers out-of-the-box interfaces for any connection you prefer.

    Real-Time Data Synchronisation

    Once up and running, Agillic will keep your data up-to-date across the different channels and synchronise with your website, social media, call centre application, and other transactions from any of your shops.


    You can add our web-tracker to your site and connect predictive data: pages visited, time on the site, items in baskets, and other common web analytics directly in, to segment your customers and filter your messages.


    Integrate Agillic with your predictive analytics software to work with propensity scores and churn scores. To further strengthen your marketing automation, let Agillic pull the content from your product information management system, making it even easier to build rich, personalised content.

    Message Design

    Set up your unique value propositions in one content editor for all channels – digital, print and display. Apply your rules and reuse the content across channels. It’s drag’n’drop and easy to use.

    Message Design

    Set up your unique value propositions in one content editor for all channels – digital, print, and display. Apply your rules and reuse the content across channels. It’s drag and drop and easy to use.

    Start by using our out-of-the-box responsive templates – or build your own templates and add as much logic and styling as you like! You can choose to make the template either extremely flexible or very limited when it comes to daily editorial options.

    A Unified Editor Experience

    Working with email or direct mail is no different from setting up a web page. Our editor interface is a unified experience – with a few clicks, the content can be shared across channels. Create fresh content directly from the editor and see your marketing ideas come to life, without involving developers or even a webmaster. Personalise your content by using the data you have imported or gathered and show tailored messages to your dynamic segments and target groups.


    Use our DAM plug-in to connect to multiple content repositories and easily reuse centrally located company content or paid image libraries.

    Configure Surveys Out of the Box

    Configure advanced customer surveys for your landing pages or embed them into your POS-system or call centre applications. Our standard applications allow you to set up customized user interfaces for your sales associates or call centre personnel. However, if the standard applications don’t cut it, use our SDK to develop your own customised forms for any purpose.


    Customer Journey Design

    Design customer journeys and flows based on profiles, behavioural data, dynamic rules and communication channels. Leverage Next Best Actions and Products or even Churn Properties on both inbound and outbound channels over time.

    Customer Journey Design

    Design customer journeys and flows based on profiles, behavioural data, dynamic rules, and channels. Leverage next best actions and products or even churn properties on both inbound and outbound channels over time.

    Start the journey for a certain segment at a certain time, or let the individual customers trigger the steps by themselves. We have done our best to enable marketers to tailor the journeys themselves by using our drag and drop interface. Agillic allows you to select amongst ten different step types to design the customer flow. Depending on available permission types for each customer, Agillic can choose which channels to use – i.e. SMS, email, APP push, or print.


    Use Any Kind of Data

    Configure your rules and target groups based on any thinkable kind of data – profile, behavioural, contextual, or even emotional. Filter your users on multiple levels, loop messages based on spam control settings, split on channel preferences, and redirect communications to your call centre or key account managers.

    Test Before You Launch

    Agillic makes it easy to test and see if your journeys are configured correctly by allowing you to quickly simulate the journey on the customer base. It’s easy for you to make sure your rules and segmentations are valid. You are good to go within a few minutes! Start by testing on a small population and let Agillic automatically execute your campaigns and orchestrate communication across both pull and push channels.


    Omnichannel Execution

    Customers are reached through different channels. Some need their message pushed and others will come to you. Performance and deliverability are keys to success in large scale personalisation. We call it omnichannel execution.

    Omnichannel Execution

    Engaging with the customers on their conditions in their preferred channels, gathering all data into one database is true Omnichannel Execution with Agillic. 

    Customers can be reached through different channels. Some need their message pushed, while others will come to you -omnichannel execution is based on conditional rules. It’s the customers’ journeys and choices of channels that trigger the right message at the right time.

    Use Both Pull and Push Channels

    Agillic enables you to execute in both pull and push channels. Choosing the channels for executing the right message depends on the type of agreement with each customer. Some customers have given you the permission to reach them on email, app or SMS. Others can be reached through postal addresses or when they come to you on your website, call centre, or in-store.


    Empower Sales Associates and Call Centre Employees

    Agillic enables you to set up portals for your Sales Associates and Call Centre Employees to look up customers and leverage their guided servicing and selling based on customer data and insight. Let your personnel sign up new customers from your campaigns, take notes of their size or wishes and help them make decisions now or tomorrow by following up using their channel of choice.

    Customer Interaction Builds Insight

    Data is collected every time a customer interacts with your brand through Agillic. This builds the customer profile further enabling you to strengthen your personalised messaging.

    Ask your customers

    Sometimes the easiest way to make a customer feel heard is to ask. What are your interests? What is your favourite brand? How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or a colleague? With Agillic, you can easily create structured forms and questionnaires for your customers.

    Personalise banners on 3rd party websites

    If your customers don’t cross your path that often, Agillic allows you to reach out through personalised banner advertising. Display personalised messages across all popular display networks including Doubleclick, AdForm, and Facebook.

    Central messages and rules make it easier than you imagine

    It might seem like a huge workload to orchestrate an omnichannel customer experience. With Agillic, it is just a matter of designing rules and messages centrally and creating customer journeys to meet the customers at their channel of choice.

    Act On Insight

    Customers expect you to deliver personalised experiences by using their data in an intelligent and relevant way. Increased purchase frequency and reduced customer churn are direct results of using marketing automation to Act on Insight!

    Act on Insight

    With Agillic you can always act relevant, act timely, and act on the right channel with the right message. You can finally bridge the gap between your customers, the data, and insights your organisation holds. Agillic enables marketers to Act on Insight! 

    Today’s customers are spoiled by players like Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix that make everything revolve around the customer. Because of this, customers expect you to deliver personalised experiences by using their data in an intelligent and relevant way.

    Acting on insight leads to engagement, conversions and loyalty

    Customers will reward your efforts at making it all about them by purchasing earlier, purchasing more, and purchasing more often. They will stick to your brand and become true customer advocates. Increased purchase frequency and reduced customer churn are direct results of using marketing automation to act on insight.


    Monitor, Measure, and Optimise

    Use the many snapshot widgets on your personalised start page to get the campaign overview you need. See the spark lines rise and fall as customers sign up, open emails, log in, and interact with the tailored messages across multiple channels.

    Agillic lets you extract detailed logs on every interaction with each individual customer, as often as you like. Connecting these logs with other business intelligence data or analytics vendors will enable you to do advanced analytics and benchmark on your campaigns on sales, ROI calculations, and much more.
    Cover your reporting needs by configuring dashboards based on campaigns, products, customer types, and departments. Filter on your segments and select the chart type you prefer.

    Engagement Drives Insight

    Having your customers engaging more and more with your brand will not only achieve your desired results, but also gain you even further insights into their wishes, desires, and preferences. Thus, acting on insight becomes a positive spiral further fuelling your omnichannel customer experiences